Our values

Qui sommes-nous ?

At IRIN, the humanitarian imperative comes first. Our first responsibility is to those at heart of crisis zones whose voices we seek to amplify. We are not driven by commercial or corporate advocacy interests. We strive to respect the following values:

➢ In the pursuit of the truth:

  • Independence: Our reporting will always remain in the public interest, and will not be influenced by donors, advertisers, governments, multilateral organizations or any other special interests.  We will report on aid priorities based on need, and will not be driven by any political, religious, security or corporate advocacy agenda.
  • Courage: We will ask tough questions, push the limits and will not be afraid to challenge dominant narratives or powers.
  • Trustworthiness: Our work will be meticulously researched, our analysis insightful, and our foresight of future trends reliable. When we make mistakes, we will be honest about them and will welcome our readers publicly holding us to account.


➢ In our work:

  • Constructiveness: In the battle between substance and eyeballs, we will always choose the former: we will not publish sensational news for the sake of it. We will go beyond predictable narratives and received wisdoms with a view to increasing understanding and seeking out the underlying issues. We will look for deeper analysis that offers solutions, alternatives and ways to make things better.
  • Humanity: We will help people understand and relate to one another, linking global resources to local needs, helping communities communicate across language and geography, recognizing the common humanity between people. We will avoid reportage that robs individuals and communities of their dignity.


➢ In the voices we seek out:

  • Authenticity: We will pursue opinions from those closest to the story. We will respect local cultures, ideas, approaches and capacities. We will seek out the views of those most affected by crises, who have agency and can speak for themselves. We will bring an “insider” perspective that rings true to local villagers and technical experts alike.
  • Diversity: We will consult a wide range of stakeholders. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexuality or any other factor, and will be sensitive to marginalized and under-represented groups. We will bring you surprising perspectives from new voices, and ensure that all voices are heard equally – women and girls as loudly as men and boys, established humanitarian players as often as local and independent initiatives.