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  • Economy captive to North Sinai crackdown

    A state of quasi-war in Egypt’s North Sinai Governorate has brought economic life to a standstill, residents say. Prices of basic goods have risen; and opportunities for work – largely dependent on smuggling operations that have since been shut down – have dropped.

  • Civilians attacked by Sinai militants

    In their fight against Egyptian security forces, militants in Sinai have also, at times, targeted civilians - and for a wide range of reasons: collaborating with the police, refusing to let militants place an improvised explosive device in front of their homes; or, in at least one case, wearing a T-shirt in support of Egypt’s military leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

  • Egypt anti-terror ops take civilian toll

    As Egyptian security forces wage their campaign against militants in the restive North Sinai governorate, some residents say they have paid a heavy price: civilian deaths; destruction of homes, property and livelihoods; displacement; and little hope for compensation.

  • Sinai: Destined to suffer?

    Long a neglected region of Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula has been home to an intense military campaign for months, as security forces try to root out increased militancy in the area. This IRIN series takes you to seldom visited villages of North Sinai to speak to civilians who have been caught in the middle. 

  • Preparing for MERS virus

    Public health officials in the Gulf states are playing down fears about an outbreak of the deadly MERS coronavirus among pilgrims travelling to the Hajj...
  • Spontaneous aid funding

    At a conference in Kuwait on partnerships in humanitarian action, representatives of Qatar Charity stood up with an impromptu announcement. They had decided the previous...