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Expert says climate wrong for Rutaganda judgement

Belgian law professor and Great Lakes analyst Filip Reyntjens, who appeared as an expert prosecution witness in the genocide trial of former Rwandan militia leader Georges Rutaganda, has asked the ICTR to be heard as 'amicus curiae' (friend of the court) to put his point that the climate is not right for the Tribunal's pronouncement of judgement on Rutaganda, scheduled for 6 December. "I believe a verdict handed down in the current
circumstances [widespread outrage at Barayagwiza's release] could
seriously damage the public perception of the ICTR as independent and impartial" by creating the impression that it was subject to external political pressures, Reyntjens said in a Jdocument seen by IRIN. He suggested the ICTR "should temporarily postpone its judgement" in the case.

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