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Police receive humanitarian law training

Fifteen Ivoirian police officers were trained in basic provisions of international human law applicable to maintaining order at a seminar in Abidjan, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported.

The seminar, led by five ICRC-trained Ivoirian instructors, included field exercises which illustrated the elementary rules of conduct in law enforcement, ICRC said Thursday in a statement.

It also focused on the principles governing the work of the Red Cross. There were discussions on ICRC neutrality, its role as guardian of the Geneva Conventions, the protective value of the red cross emblem, the applicability of international humanitarian law in situations involving internal disturbances and the issue of how to ensure that those who violate humanitarian law are punished.

The seminar, held on 22-25 June, formed part of the ICRC's ongoing work to teach international humanitarian law to law enforcers.

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