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Government denies attacks in north

Chadian Defence Minister Oumar Kadjalami has denied claims by the anti-government Mouvement pour la democratie et la justice au Tchad (MDJT) that MDJT forces had killed 126 government troops in several attacks in the north of the country, AFP reported yesterday. “There has been neither fighting, nor prisoners of war, nor the occupation of towns and villages by Youssouf Togoimi’s men,” Kadjalami said. His statement was in reaction to MDJT claims, made in Paris, that the movement had surrounded government troops in Zouar. Kadjalami said the only incident in the area occurred on 31 January when an old land mine was detonated by an army vehicle, wounding seven people. Mines planted decades ago in Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti, in the north, were a constant danger, he said.

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