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Fadul in Italy

Guinea Bissau Prime Minister Francisco Fadul arrived in Italy on Thursday, on the third leg of a four-nation European tour for aid to rebuild his war-shattered country, Lusa said. He was also expected to meet Pope John Paul.

In another development, a spokesman for Guinea Bissau President Joao Nino Vieira has criticised Fadul for statements attributed to the prime minister in Lisbon, the first stop of his current tour. The presidential spokesman, Cipriano Cassama, said Fadul had used "purposely offensive, aggressive language" in remarks about Vieira. Cassama said Fadul's statements would only "increase the anxiety of our cooperation partners",
Lusa said.

During the April 19 visit, Lusa said, Fadul compared Vieira's rule to that of the Portuguese dictator, Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, saying he preferred Salazar's secret police to Vieira's.

Vieira has held power since 1980 amidst recent clamour in the parliament that he resign.

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