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  • A Burundian refugee suspected of having cholera receives IV rehydration in the health clinic at Lake Tanganyika Stadium in Kigoma, Tanzania.
    A Burundian refugee suspected of having cholera receives IV rehydration in the health clinic at Lake Tanganyika Stadium in Kigoma, Tanzania.
  • A group of metal objects from pieces of a destroyed Russian infantry vehicle collected together.
    The ‘angel of death’ I made from pieces of a destroyed Russian infantry vehicle I found near my village after Russian forces withdrew at the end of March 2022.
  • This is a mixed media image. A pressed flower is placed on black paper and with a white pencil and aircraft is drawn under as if the pressed flower were its rotor blades.
    Hope is to fly again: Before the full-scale invasion, I would travel around the area where I live in a small electric car picking flowers from fields and watching small aircraft that took off from a nearby airfield cruise in the sky.
  • This is a mixed media image of a photograph overlayed by a hand-drawn illustration of a window and a computer next to a cup of water.
    An illustrated photograph of watching Ukrainian air defences intercept Russian missiles outside my window while following air raid movements on my computer.
  • Damages to Zarbeh oil plant in Tirbespiyê, north of Syria after a missile attack by Turkish forces. Photo taken on January 15, 2024.
    The al-Zarba oil field in northeast Syria, pictured after it was hit by an airstrike in mid-January 2024.
  • This is an image of the logo of the UN. Overlayed is a circular radiant from green to orange.
  • This is a graphic showing a man holding a phone. We see him from behind. The graphic is in the style of vector graphics with a gradient tones from red to light yellow.
  • Drone video obtained by Reuters showed a fire raging in the Sudanese city of Omdurman on Monday (May 15) where intense battles are being fought despite Saudi and U.S.-brokered talks between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF).
    Fire rages in the Sudanese city of Omdurman, where intense battles have been fought between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.
  • A wide shot image of a Sudanese woman, who fled the conflict in Murnei in Sudan’s Darfur region, as she walks beside carts carrying her family belongings upon crossing the border between Sudan and Chad in Adre, Chad August 2, 2023.
    A Sudanese woman who fled conflict in Darfur, where the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces has been carrying out mass atrocities, crosses to neighbouring Chad on 2 August 2023.
  • This illustration shows a person with a backpack in a forest with very tall trees. Out of the tree trunks you see a military boot walking out of a trunk to the right and a end of a rifle coming out of another tree on the left.
  • This illustration shows the silhouette of a person standing in front of a computer that is much much larger than the person. On the screen we see two dice the dice facet that faces the viewer shows skulls.
  • This illustration shows a hand holding a piece of chalk. In the background you can see rocks over a bright yellow color.
  • This is an illustration showing the map of Myanmar in deep purple. Overlayed on top is a target cross hair. The shadows of three people are seen walking away form the map.
  • This is a photo taken close to the ground of a group of children leaving a temporary school in Jindires, a town in northwest Syria that was hit hard by last year’s earthquakes.
    Children leave a temporary school in Jindires, a town in northwest Syria that was hit hard by last year’s earthquakes.
  • A picture of rubble with some writing on the wall: “Omar and Usama are still under the rubble.”
    A photo of a bombed building with the words "Omar and Usama are still under the rubble" spray-painted in Arabic.
  • A glove wearing medical gloves holds a pill that contains Wolbachia bacteria over a few containers.
    To combat the threat of dengue, Wolbachia bacteria is being introduced into the mosquito population in Honduras.
  • The outside of Nasser Medical Complex Building C. Outside are ambulances and people waiting.
  • A few ambulances are parked outside on a dirt road.
  • A doctor tends to a man in a wheelchair inside a hospital.
    Staff attend to a patient inside Nasser Hospital in the southern Gazan city of Khan Younis. The facility has been surrounded by Israeli forces for three weeks.
  • A child kneels and paints a painting depicting a tent and a child in front of it.
    Eleven-year-old Ahmad Mahmoud Sanounou has been painting the aftermath of the earthquakes in Jindires, northwest Syria.
  • This is a picture taken in someone's patio. It shows John Ngalabi, a displaced Teke man, surrounded by his family in a courtyard in Kinshasa’s Mombele district.
    John Ngalabi, a displaced Teke man, surrounded by his family in a courtyard in Kinshasa's Mombele district.
  • This is a family portrait pictured inside a hospital room. Berhan Kalyu, 35, holds her severely malnourished newborn son, Berhanu Woldegebrial, as her husband Woldegebrial Abadi, 36, looks on at the Samre Hospital, in Samre, Tigray Region, Ethiopia, June 23, 2023.
    Berhan Kalyu, 35, holds her severely malnourished newborn son at Samre Hospital in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, where hundreds have died of starvation due to war and drought, on 23 June 2023
  • A few people are walking down a street. Destroyed buildings stand on both sides.
    Destruction left behind by Israeli forces after they withdrew from parts of Khan Younis in southern Gaza on 2 February 2024.
  • syria-snapshots-6-feb-2024.jpg
    In Jindires, in northwest Syria, many people who lost their homes in the earthquakes are still living in tents close to destroyed buildings.
  • Three people stand on top of rubble.
    Khaled al-Fattah’s home collapsed in the earthquakes, killing his mother. The 28-year-old father of one and his extended family are sheltering in tents amongst the rubble in the Idlib village of al-Tuloul.
  • Nafi al-Sattouf, 77, sits on a rock near the banks of a river. He holds a wooden stick with his right hand.
    Nafi al-Sattouf’s home withstood the earthquakes, but he can longer cultivate his land.
  • This is a photo showing the front of a truck carrying wooden beams. On top are two people, one of them is handing the beams to people below.
    New homes for earthquake survivors are going up in the Idlib town of Armanaz, funded by the Molham Volunteering Team.
  • Badr al-Din Bakro, 75, is pictured sitting outside a tent that is serving as a temporary home. He is looking at his phone.
    Bakro, who lives in this tent, says he doesn’t have money to rebuild his home, and no aid group has offered to help.
  • This is a wide angle shot taken from below showing a building that is partially collapsed. At the bottom right of the building Badr al-Din Bakro, 75, places his hand over a half fallen apart wall.
    Badr al-Din Bakro inspects the damage to his home in the Idlib village of al-Alani. One year after the quakes, it is still awaiting demolition.
  • This is a long shot of an old man sitting in front of a house that was burned by the army’s artillery fire. The man squats in front of the rubble and remains of the house. He wears a surgical face mask and hugs his knees.
  • People’s Liberation Army forces fight the Myanmar junta army near Sagaing Region in Myanmar November 23, 2023.
    Forces from the People’s Liberation Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of Burma, fight members of the Myanmar junta's military in Sagaing Region, on 23 November 2023.
  • This is a map of the region that was struck by an earthquake Turkiye and Syria on 6 February 2023. The epicenter and the main aftershock is marked with a locator dot and so are the cities that were most affected, including: Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş in Turkiye and Azaz, Afrin, Idlib and Aleppo in Syria.

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