On our 25th anniversary, we are launching a voluntary membership programme. 

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As a member, you’ll be able to get involved in events like our TNH Readers’ Salon, a kind of book club for humanitarian discussion that brings together TNH readers from around the world to meet, chat, and share thoughts and ideas. The first TNH Readers’ Salon, which took place in August, gave members a chance to discuss with TNH Director Heba Aly and Editor Jessica Alexander whether the aid sector is at a turning point.

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TNH Readers' Salon #1

  • Members will have an opportunity to take on a deeper role within our community, gain a closer insight into our world, and shape our journalism, via:


  • A members’ newsletter (read a previous members’ newsletter)
  • Access to our editorial team
  • Informal meet-ups (post-COVID-19 of course!)
  • An online members’ forum and regular Zoom calls to provide feedback on story ideas and TNH strategy
  • Invites to our TNH Reader Salons for enlightening discussions about humanitarianism 
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Why membership? Why now?

As COVID-19 has devastating consequences around the world, and misinformation spreads like fire, it is even more crucial that people have access to reliable information about crises. At the same time, the economic crisis caused by the new coronavirus has hit media organisations hard: many have had to fire journalists or shut down their newspapers altogether.

Now, more than ever, we need your support to ensure we can continue providing responsible, authoritative reporting both about this global pandemic, and about the other crises that it is now overshadowing.

By joining The New Humanitarian, you will help us build on 25 years of rich history that has shaped the agenda to improve the lives of people affected by conflicts, disasters, and other humanitarian crises.

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Your membership means The New Humanitarian can continue, and deepen, our coverage of the world’s humanitarian crises, even when mainstream media’s attention is elsewhere.

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We'd like to thank our current members

Founding members

Our founding members took up the call to support our work and join our community early and whole-heartedly. We are incredibly grateful to those on this list as well as those who chose to support anonymously.

Patrick J. Brenny

Martin Kern

Rana B. Khoury

Greg Gottlieb, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University

Daniel Kibsgaard

Solon Ardittis

Lauren Rajczak

Monte McMurchy

Laura Hammond

Richard Reoch, former global media chief of Amnesty International

James Shepherd-Barron

Zehra Rizvi

Kirsten Gelsdorf

Vicki Wakeling

Jason Phillips, Independent Consultant and Researcher

Bryan Schaaf

Vincent Ghilione

Corinna Kreidler, independent consultant

Aimee Vachon

Terra MacKinnon

Annina Hunziker

Helena Grunfeld

Jacob Smith

Silvia Agostinho do Amaral

Al-Bidir Sofia

Jacob Smith

Perry Boyle

Birgit Spiewok

Malena Rembe

Bev Murrill

Martin Dawes

Henry Rosario

Sandrine Tiller

Dylan Topham

Sangki Oak, MD, MPH

Rachel Locke

Tasha Rumley (Swiss Solidarity)

Nick Harcourt-Leftwich

Laura Thaut Vinson

Kenneth Dimalibot

Paula Fray

Siobhan Talty

Elizabeth McClintock

Harry Richard Leefe

Elisabeth Decrey Warner

Johanna K.

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