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OAU summit on the DRC

African leaders convened today (Thursday) in Ouagadougou for a two-day summit under the aegis of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) aimed at ending the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), news organisations reported. The summit brings together the main players from seven African nations embroiled in the conflict and a host of other African leaders. President Laurent Kabila of the DRC, who arrived yesterday (Wednesday), said he would not negotiate with the rebels, but added he was hopeful that a solution would be found to the conflict, Reuters said.

After the Franco-African summit in Paris in November, Kabila announced that he expected to sign a ceasefire but this was rejected by the rebels. Kabila has also accused Rwanda and Uganda, who helped propel him to power in the former Zaire in 1997, of fomenting the revolt and supporting the rebels. He demands that the ceasefire calls for the rebels’ withdrawal.

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