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  • Families in Gaza are struggling to get enough food and water: Snapshots

  • Shailja Patel on colonisation and the coverage of humanitarian crises

  • A Kenyan poet reflects on flooding in Somalia and its former coloniser, Italy.

  • Shailja Patel on colonisation and the coverage of humanitarian crises

  • New troubles in Nagorno-Karabakh: Here's what's happening

  • Shailja Patel on colonisation and the coverage of humanitarian crises

  • 'I know the violence of water'

  • Gaza airstrikes leave family without shelter, medication: Snapshots

  • The hunger road: Somalis living in al-Hidaya camp are 'prepared for the worst'

  • UN staff letter blasts ‘incoherent’ approach to Taliban ban on women, pushes for unified response

  • Why Somalia is one of the hardest places in the world to be a journalist

  • How a quake-hit Syrian village helped children celebrate Eid al-Fitr

  • "The biggest problem for most agencies is resources"

  • "I don't think punishment is meted out to fit the crime"

  • "We need to leave our logos and egos at the door"

  • Q&A: How to fix the UN’s sex abuse problem?

  • "I don't think it is right that the UN should be investigating itself"

  • "This is the most aggressive and scary confrontation"

  • Syrian Muslims take to the streets to pray after mosque was destroyed: Snapshots

  • “Life has stopped”: How Sudan’s unrest is impacting Darfur

  • "I did not want to have sex with the men but I was forced to"

  • “I always look for white men when I go out"

  • "They want to dominate us in our own country"

  • “Foreign men think that we like the life, but I hate it”

  • "There is a lot more to be done in the sector"

  • Cancer patients left untreated after earthquakes in northwest Syria: Snapshots

  • Why young people continue to flee Gaza: Through my Lens

  • Premature babies were among the youngest victims of Syria's earthquakes: Snapshots

  • Yemen's forgotten camps

  • Syrian children living 'alone without anyone helping them': Snapshots

  • What are reparations in cases of sexual violence and human rights violations?

  • “Justice and reparation are completely interlinked.”

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