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NIGER: Military government names new cabinet

Niger's new military leader, Major Daouda Mallam Wanke, has named a new cabinet. The list was released at the weekend and broadcast by the official 'Voix du Sahel' radio station:

Prime Minister: Ibrahim Assan Mayaki
Minister of National Defence: Colonel Moussa Moumouni Djermakoye
Minister of the Interior and Territorial Development: Lt-Col Boureima Moumouni
Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry: Tassiou Aminou
Minister of National Education: Baringaye Ahmed Akilou
Minister of Trade and Industry: Seyni Omar
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Mrs Aichatou Mindaoudou
Minister of Higher Education, Research and Technology: Ibrahim Konate
Minister of Finance and Economic Reforms: Ide Niandou
Minister of Water Resources and Environment: Ali Seyni Gado
Minister of Communication, Culture, Youth and Sports, and Government
Mahamadou Danda
Minister of Public Health: Sani Mamane
Minister of Tourism and Crafts: Rissa ag Boula
Minister of Social Development, Population, Women's Promotion and the Protection of Children:
Aissatou Foumakoye
Minister of Mines and Energy: Yahaya Bare
Minister of Equipment and Transport: Ousmane Ahmed Abani
Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals: Lawali Mahamane Danda
Minister of Civil Service, Labour and Employment: Ousmane Mahamane
Minister Delegate to the Minister of Finance in Charge of the Budget:
Sidibe Seydou
Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in Charge of Planning: Adamou Salaou

Abidjan, 19 April, 1999 1450 GMT

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