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DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Government list as of 31 March 1999

Following the 14 March announcement of a new DRC government, President Laurent-Desire Kabila named two additional ministers and three more vice-ministers on 19 March. The following is a list of current cabinet members, updating the one issued by IRIN on 16 March. Kabila remains in charge of the Defence Ministry.

Minister of State for Internal Affairs - Gaetan Kakudji

Minister of State for Petroleum Affairs - Pierre-Victor Mpoyo

Minister of State for External Relations and International Cooperation -

Yerodia Abdoulaye Ndombasi

Minister of State for Planning and Commerce - Badimanyi Dilembu Mulumba

Justice Minister - Mwenze Kongolo

Finance Minister - Mawapanga Mwana Nanga

Economy and Industry Minister - Bemba Saolona

Social Affairs Minister - Moleko Moliwa

Mines Minister - Frederic Kibassa Maliba

Public Works Minister - Yagi Sitolo

Health Minister - Mashako Mamba

Post and Telecommunications Minister - Prosper Kibuey

Reconstruction Minister - Denis Kalume Numbi

Transport and Communications Minister - Babandoa Etoa Odette

Agriculture and Livestock Minister - Kitanga Eshima Musebo Etienne

Lands, Environment, Fisheries and Forestry Minister - Bishikwabo Tshubaka

Energy Minister - Babi Mbayi

Education Minister - Kamara Rwakaikara

Human Rights Minister - Leonard She Okitundu

Culture and Arts Minister - Juliana Lumumba

Information and Tourism Minister - Didier Mumengi

Labour, Civil Service and Social Security Minister - Paul Kapita Shabangi

Deputy Defence Minister - Dieudonne Kayembe Mbandakulu

Deputy Finance Minister - Albert Luhalwe Diya

Deputy Social Affairs Minister - Isabelle Machik Ruth Tshombe

Deputy Health Minister - Oscar Kambu Kabangu

Deputy Transport Minister - Amisi Kalondaya

Deputy Environment Minister - Banamuhere Baliene

Deputy Energy Minister - Leonard Beleke Tabu

Deputy External Relations Minister - David Mbwankiem

Deputy International Cooperation Minister - Hassan Thassinda Uba Thassinda

Deputy Higher Education Minister - Makwanza Batumanisa

Deputy Primary, Secondary and Professional Education Minister - Medard
Kayamba Badye

Deputy Information and Tourism Minister - Pascaline Birinyo Thoin

Nairobi, 31 March 1999

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