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Pro-Hutu G7 lays conditions for new government set-up

A group of seven pro-Hutu parties have laid down a 10-point plan they say must be adopted before a transitional government can be set up in Burundi as scheduled on 1 November, Radio Burundi reported.

The proposal, presented to the committee monitoring implementation of the Arusha peace accord reached between the government and opposition forces, says hostilities must end and a timetable agreed to on the reform of the army and security forces. The Hutu group also wants a timetable for the recruitment and training of 10,000 men for a special unit that would protect returning political exiles and state institutions. The G7 said at least 4,000 of these troops must come from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa who should train the Burundian unit.

In addition, the G7 wants a temporary amnesty law passed for exiled politicians and the repeal of those that hinder the free functioning of political parties. Other measures call for the president and vice-president to issue the list of members of the transitional government, and that the Implementation Monitoring Committee be given the list of party representatives in the national assembly.

However, the Group of 10 Tutsi parties have rejected most of the proposals saying they are a ploy to delay the introduction of the transitional government, Radio Burundi reported. A Burundi political analyst told IRIN that the points raised by the G7 were not feasible because implementing them would delay the peace process and cost money.

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