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Rights league welcomes interior minister’s dismissal

Guinea-Bissau’s human rights league has welcomed the dismissal of Interior Minister Artur Sanha, announced on Tuesday by President Kumba Yala.

Yala gave no reason for the move, which came just days after the Liga dos Direitos humanos da Guiné Bissau said it suspected Sanha of involvement in the death of a woman with whom he allegedly had a romantic relationship, according to RDP, a Portuguese radio station.

The league believes the move resulted from the pressure it put on Yala to have the circumstances of the woman’s death clarified, RDP reported. It quoted the league’s vice president, João Vaz Mané, as saying on Wednesday that its first objective had been attained with Sanha’s dismissal.

Just a few months ago, Yala had resisted pressure from his ruling Partido da Renovacao Social (PRS-Social Renovation Party) to choose Sanha as prime minister amid calls by the PRS for the dismissal of then premier Caetano Intchama, eventually replaced by current head of government Faustino Imbali.

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