Mengistu extradition unsuccessful

Former Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam has been granted permanent residence in Zimbabwe, despite appeals by the Ethiopian government that Mengistu - wanted for war crimes - be extradited. Zimbabwean Home Affairs Minister, John Nkomo this week granted Mengistu and seven of his family permanent residence, the Zimbabwean daily ‘Financial Gazette’ said on 22 March. Mengistu’s new status means that he and his family members can no longer be deported unless they are convicted of serious criminal offences in Zimbabwe. The seven members of his family include Talahum Haile Mariam, Tigist Mengistu, Wubandin Bishaw Mengistu, Temhert Mengistu, Andenet Mengistu, Tegest Ayele and Etsegenet Tariku. Immigration sources told the ‘Financial Gazette’ that they were a mixture of Mengistu’s children, cousins and nephews.
Mengistu fled Ethiopia in 1991 after a notorious 17-year rule, and is being tried ‘in absentia’ for crimes against humanity.

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