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Mabang Bridge reopened

Commuters can travel to the Eastern and Southern provinces now that the strategic Mabang bridge linking Freetown to these areas has been reopened after repairs funded by international donors, SLENA reported on Wednesday.

The 203-mt long and 3.5-mt wide bridge had been temporarily closed by the RUF and army renegades known as the West Sides Boys. It was remodeled by the Sierra Leone Roads Authority and the UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL), with money from the European Community and the UN World Food Programme.

At the recommissioning ceremony, President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah said the country’s road networks would be rehabilitated and maintained. The government, he added, would ensure manpower training to improve road management, planning and funding.
Development Minister Kadie Sesay described the occasion as a milestone in the country’s already good relationship with the EU and the UN.

Moreover, she said UNAMSIL’s participation demonstrated its support in areas away from its core peacekeeping function.

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