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Delegate to Djibouti process killed in Mogadishu

A delegate to the Djibouti peace process and supporter of the new government, General Yusuf Talan - who represented the Gadabursi sub-clan of the Dir group - was killed at “Kilometer 4” square, near the Sahafi hotel, where a number of the recently-arrived MPs are staying. According to sources in Mogadishu, Talan was sitting at a popular tea shop when men in a white Toyota Cressida drove by and opened fire. Talan died on the spot. No one has claimed responsibility, but a Mogadishu businessman told IRIN there was an assumption that the killers were allied to one of the opposition faction leaders. The government has made no statement regarding the attack. Talan attended the Djibouti-hosted peace talks and was a member of the committee on disarmament.

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