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Government stresses neutrality in DRC conflict

[Senegal] Migrants from Cote d'Ivoire in Senegal in the hallways that become bedrooms at night.

The Burundian government has reiterated its neutrality in the DRC
conflict, the Netpress news agency reported.

A government statement issued on Tuesday expressed regret over the media's "misinterpretation" of comments by First Vice-President Frederic Bamvuginyumvira during a recent interview with the BBC's Kirundi service. In the interview, he said "when
war starts in a neighbouring country, you go beyond your front door ... we decided to send our soldiers as far as possible, so that we do not get surprise attacks".

The government, in its statement, stressed "Burundi has no territorial ambitions and no political claim on the DRC". It added that Burundi was, nevertheless, worried about the security situation along the border and would "take all necessary measures" to ensure the DRC conflict did not endanger Burundi's security.

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