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Prime minister designate accuses president of crimes

Guinea Bissau’s newly appointed prime minister, Francisco Fadul, has accused President Joao Bernardo Vieira of “assassinations, beatings, slander, defamation and debasement of (political) leaders,” news reports said on Monday.

News agencies quoted Fadul as saying in an interview with the weekly Portuguese newspaper ‘Expresso’ that Vieira was one of the richest men in the world whose personal wealth almost equalled that of the country’s foreign debt. Fadul, calling Vieira a dictator, accused the president of being “the prime factor” in creating animosity among people of Guinea Bissau, AFP reported.

Fadul also called for Luis Cabral’s return from exile in Portugal so he could contest the presidential elections due in the first quarter of 1999. Vieira overthrew Cabral, the former head of state, in a coup in November 1980.

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