KALEDUPA/INDONESIA, 16 septembre 2016
Florian Kunert

A German filmmaker researching and producing documentaries about social change.

Note de l'auteur

This short film is part of an in-depth IRIN series looking at how climate change and overfishing are wiping out global fish stocks and threatening a health crisis for coastal communities in the tropical zone. Winner of the Society of Publishers in Asia award for Excellence in Video Reporting.

On the Indonesian island of Kaledupa, fishermen like Lino create makeshift bombs out of plastic soda bottles to catch greater numbers of fish.

Blast Fishing in Indonesia

Florian Kunert/IRIN
Blast Fishing in Indonesia

Blast fishing can yield up to ten times more than traditional fishing but it decimates fish populations and destroys everything in its wake. More than seventy percent of Indonesia’s coral reef is severely deteriorated due to human activity, and blast fishing is one of the leading causes of this devastation. But there just aren't as many fish as there used to be and Lino needs to find a way to feed his family.