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What you need to know about the global refugee crisis

Syrian Kurdish refugees cross into Turkey from Syria, near the town of Kobani. Syria's conflict, which began in 2011, has turned the country into the world’s single largest driver of displacement.
I. Prickett/UNHCR

We are witnessing the largest and most rapid escalation ever in the number of people being forced from their homes. In 2014, an average of 42,500 people were displaced every day.

Millions of people fled conflict in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as persecution in areas of Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, creating the highest level of displacement since World War II.

The world desperately needs to come up with better responses to this global crisis. 

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Alternatively, IRIN is hosting a Twitter Q&A on migrants and refugees today between 2-3pm BST.

Taking part in the discussion will be:

- Kristy Siegfried, IRIN’s migration editor  (@klsiegfried),

- Jeff Crisp, former UNHCR policy chief, affiliated to the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford (@JFCrisp)

- Aden Hassan, IRIN reporter and Somali refugee in Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya

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